Barn Buddy releases two new crops, radishes and clover

barn buddy clover and radishes
barn buddy clover and radishes

Barn Buddy might be one of the lesser talked-about farming games, but it's no slouch. Barn Buddy has over 3 million monthly players, which is a respectable number for sure. It takes the basic farming mechanic and adds a layer of complexity on top, including multiple harvests for crops, and weed and bug killing. Today, they have released two new short term crops to the shop: clover and radishes.

Clover are a short term 5 minute crop available for 40 coins that have an output of 15 at 3 coins per unit. Radishes are a one hour crop that cost 120 coins, output 15 every harvest, and give 9 coins per unit. Both of these crops are good for times when you know you'll be able to come back in a short while.

Do you play Barn Buddy? Are you enjoying the new crop?

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