Why some internships are unpaid and for-credit-only

what's the reasoning behind unpaid internships for credit only?
what's the reasoning behind unpaid internships for credit only?

One of the most common questions I hear from students applying for internships is why some employers require the experience be done for academic credit.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I've never heard of this issue coming up with paid internships. If an employer is paying a student, they generally don't seem to care whether an intern receives academic credit or not for the experience.

There's no simple answer, though, to this query. Some employers will say they want to make sure students give their all to an internship. If a student has academic credit at stake, and is going to receive a grade that will affect his or her grade point average, employers explain, he or she will work harder and be more responsible about their duties -- and put forth more of a professional effort. They are more likely to show up on time, less likely to call in sick (or, worse, simply not show up), more apt to get their work done to the best of their ability, and in general more concerned about doing their best in a job. They are more likely under these circumstances to see the experience as an investment in their future instead of simply a way to pass a semester or summer.