When celebrities tweet from 30,000 feet

celebs who tweet in the air - photo of charlotte Wakefield
celebs who tweet in the air - photo of charlotte Wakefield

When Samuel Morse sent the first telegraph message, it embraced the gravitas of the milestone: "What hath God wrought?", he opined. When Neil Armstrong touched down on the moon, he pronounced it "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," as indeed it was.

Now all of us can speak freely to all humanity from on board airplanes as we leap over whole seas. It's a magical age.

And when gorgeous singer JoJo first tested the ability to communicate from a flight, she used the momentous occasion to tell the world, stirringly: "I just need 2 understand why the woman next to me felt it appropriate 2 unleash no less than a dozen rancid raunchy farts on this airplane."

As everyone with a tech-savvy friend knows, "I'm writing this from 30,000 feet!" is the "I'm talking to you on my new car phone!" of 2010. As Marshall McLuhan predicted, the medium is truly the message. If celebs aren't simply bragging about using the new technology, they're kvetching about the flight or promoting something. They're shaping America's use of technology, one bitch at a time.