10 Best Ways to Promote Yourself on YouTube

YouTube isn't all about 2 Girls 1 Cup, Charlie the Unicorn, or The Dancing Baby. Some people actually use it for business purposes. So why don't you?

Here are a few tips to get you started on an eResume.

  1. It's easy enough to set up your own page (they call it a channel). If you already have a channel (and let's say you've already favorited the Dancing Baby and other things you may not want potential employers to be looking at), create a new one to be used only as your online résumé.
  2. Incorporate your name in the title, so it will be easy to find and will be indexed by the search engines.
  3. Take care to customize your channel in whatever motif that's closest to the job you're after.
  4. Upload at least one video of yourself (preferably shot on a Flip or some other small video camera, but a webcam will do in a pinch) showing yourself in a professional setting (and this could very well be on the stripper pole, if that's your desired profession - it's all relative). You could either recite your resume in the most entertaining way possible, or you could get a friend to help by asking you questions about your work background and your goals.
  5. Add subtitles, if you can. Many people, especially those working in offices, prefer to watch YouTube videos on mute.
  6. Be sure to use lots of descriptive tags. They're important for search-purposes, and without search a potential employer isn't going to find you.
  7. Allowing viewers to leave text comments is probably a good idea, but only with approval - you don't want potential employers seeing excessively negative comments about you.
  8. If you have your written resume already posted all over the place (such as CareerBuilder or emurse.com), be sure and go to every site and update your profile to include your new YouTube video.
  9. Don't forget that YouTube is a social-networking community. It's important to be a friend and a subscriber, a commenter, and to follow The Golden Rule (treat others as you yourself want to be treated).
  10. Finally, update/add videos as often as possible. Once your videos are uploaded be sure and let everyone (on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) know.

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