SPP! Ranch debuts Mother's Day and Cinco de Mayo items


SPP! Ranch has released a massive set of new decorations in celebration of not just one holiday, but two! Both Mother's Day and Cinco de Mayo are next week, and we all know games prepare us a long time in advance for holidays! Mother's Day is of course the day we honor mothers all over the world, and Cinco de Mayo is a holiday in Mexico that celebrates the Mexican army's victory over the French on May 5, 1862. These holidays make for pretty neat decorations, so you can expect to see both of these holidays popping up in all of your favorite games!

Take a peek at the list of new items in SPP! Ranch:

Cactus & Hat - 100 coins
Popping Chick Bouquet - 25 gold
Popping Piglet Bouquet - 25 gold
Flower Shaped Floor Tiles - 50 coins, in different colors
Baking Bunny Plushie - 500 coins
Mexican Sheep Plushie - 500 coins
Yellow Table - 150 coins
Blue Table - 150 coins
Pink Table - 150 coins
White Wooden Chair - 75 coins
Brown Wooden Chair - 75 coins
Blue Gift Box House - 7500 coins
Red Gift Box House - 7500 coins
Pink Gift Box House - 7500 coins
Pink Plastic Flower - 150 coins
Plastic Flower - 150 coins
Plastic Flower Statue - 150 coins
Heart Fence - 100 coins
Heart Fence Corner - 125 coins
Virgin Margarita - 25 coins
Mother's Day Babies - 35 gold
Tall Palm Tree - 450 coins

Mother's Day items seem to be kind of tricky to depict in these games, so we're seeing some rather creative ideas happening. It's great that most of these items are coins, because it doesn't appear that any are really unique enough to spend cash on. We're sure many people will find something affordable and nice in this new set. Log in to SPP! Ranch to see all of these ranch decorations!

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