Six jobs created by the iPad

iPad creates six new jobsIt's barely been a month since Apple's iPad made its way into the hands of eager consumers, and in a few days thousands more iPads will be sold with the ability to connect to AT&T's 3G network. In addition to entertaining consumers and spurring app store splurges, the iPad has given birth to six new jobs that might help stimulate the economy a bit.

Even if these jobs don't provide a local worker with a way to pay the bills, the consumer spending, which accounts for 70% of the economy, that was used to purchase an estimated 1,000.000 iPads in the first month may provide a boost of its own.

Gadget comparison site Retrevo has been monitoring the situation and has come up with six unintended careers created by the iPad. These humorous, yet possibly necessary jobs, may soon be coming to a home near you.

  1. iPad Au Pair or "ipair" -- Holds your iPad while you drive, take the kids out to play or eat greasy food.
  2. iPad Smudge Station Attendant -- Will clean your iPad screen just like the gas pump attendants of yesteryear.
  3. iPad Fashion Designer -- Inventing new ways for owners to wear their iPad in style.
  4. iPad Custody Lawyer -- Stepping in to make the hard call about whose turn it is to use the iPad.
  5. iPad App Matchmaker or "AppMaker" -- Finds the apps you need to get work done or just show off to your friends
  6. iPad Addiction Counselor -- A trained professional to help you put the iPad down.
For a full set of job descriptions, skills needed and compensation recommendations, visit the iPad careers page at Retrevo.

While you may laugh at these humorous job listings, there is a bit of truth to the need for many of these services -- and one is already a bona fide position!

As an iPad owner I can account for the need to baby the device, almost to the point of hiring an "iPair," at least until I got a new Speck iPad case. While I haven't hired a screen cleaning attendant yet, I am seriously considering putting an ad up on Craigslist or hiring someone to turn this screen cleaner into an app.

When I told you there was already one of these jobs out in the wild I bet you didn't expect it to be about a wearable iPad. Yes, there's already a music producer in Atlanta who is wearing an iPad as a necklace that has music videos and other media on repeat.

As for the rest of the careers, WalletPop has already chimed in as an Appmaker with 10 iPad apps to save you money and the 10 best iPad apps you can download for free. Our friends over at AppAdvice are also busy cranking out the iPad app recommendations on their blog and video podcasts. They even alert you when an app goes on sale so you can score it for free or at a deep discount without wading through the entire App store.

As for the custody lawyer and addiction counselor, I haven't found a need for either; but then again i haven't checked my voicemail in days and there is a banner hanging in the corner that says "Intervention" so I may soon be meeting these new specialists sooner than I thought.
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