San Francisco Rental: 1BR Marina-Style Apartment for $1,200

Here's your opportunity to enjoy an apartment built in the style of those found in the Marina, without having to live among those uptight Marina folks. Yes, this place is located out in the peaceful Sunset neighborhood. Located right by 19th Avenue this is your gateway to being close to SF State, Golden Gate Park, as well as tons of shops, exotic restaurants, cafes, and PARKING, PARKING, PARKING!

What you get is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with 978 square feet to call home. Here's what else...
The Marina-style apartment that's located at 1550 20th Ave. comes complete with hardwood floors, Bosch appliances, and large Bay windows. The entire one-bedroom apartment has custom upgrades throughout. Take the kitchen, for example, it sports a new Viking range, wine fridge (yes a fridge just for your wine), honed-granite counters with glass-tile backsplash. Oh-la-la!

The entire building is located in a quiet residential neighborhood but is conveniently situated near all you need: banks, gas stations, grocery, laundry, drug store. Plus, there's a parking garage for your vehicle.

So how does $1,200 stack for a one-bedroom apartment in the Sunset? This is one heck of a great price. In this neighborhood, this is one of the lower priced apartments you will come across. The square footage is a little small, but one bedrooms in this area can run all the way up to $1,795.

Keep in mind though, this is one of the foggiest parts of San Francisco.

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