Mooo-ve over FarmVille: Final Fantasy's coming to Facebook (maybe)

final fantasy chocobo game maybe?
final fantasy chocobo game maybe?

Get prepared for the video game revolution on Facebook, because it's going to be here in a matter of months. In addition to Electronic Arts saying that several of its blockbuster brands will be making the leap to the social network, popular PC game Civilization will be as well (in the form of Civilization Network). So it's not a big surprise to hear a Final Fantasy producer confirm that he's working on "several social games for social networking sites."

If you've never heard of Final Fantasy, it's a wildly popular video game series known for its larger than life characters and epic storylines. Final Fantasy XIII arrived in the States in March and had better than expected sales its first month. In short, a Final Fantasy social game has the potential to be huge and deliver a more in-depth gaming experience that some say games like FarmVille lack.

It's important to point out that there's no confirmation that these social games will actually include a Final Fantasy game, whether it will be another game series from game publisher Square Enix or something totally new. From the original article in Japanese game magazine Famitsu, Square Enix producer Takehiro Ando says "Like our approach with the iPhone, there might be basic ports of Final Fantasy, but we'd also like to challenge ourselves with new titles." Whatever these new social games are -- they are expected to arrive sometime this summer, and we hope they'll be much more complex than this Final Fantasy app that lets you gift popular characters from the game to your friends.

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