Moving Day Is May 1: How Ya Celebrating?

May 1st is nation's biggest Moving DayWhen you see May 1st on your calendar, does "May Day" or "Moving Day" come to mind first? It may depend on where you live...

May 1st is traditionally one of the busiest moving days in the nation. School semesters are ending and so are a slew of lease agreements. And as luck would have it for would-be movers, the weather is generally reasonable - not too hot for lugging possessions in and out.

With the crush of people moving at the same time there may be financial incentives or other competing offers for renters on the move...
For Chicago's 1.3 million renters, May 1st will be a scramble to find the best deal. For the moment, apartment inventory exceeds renters. Converted condos are flooding the market. In addition, an influx of competing renters has generally slowed with the economic downtown, according to the blog Chicago Now. That spells opportunity for move-in incentives.

Renter Kevin Hannan found a bargain on a top floor apartment, adding that the landlord's "letting me move in early for no extra cost," and even including it partially furnished, too. Sweet.

Moving Day is almost a tradition for our friends in Quebec, Canada. The story goes that Moving Day started because tenant farmers wanted protection from being evicted before the snow melted. So, a law was set stating farmers could stay until May 1st. This, in turn, evolved into urban leases beginning May 1st and ending April 30th. For a while there everyone moved at practically the same time.

Later, our friends to the north moved their Moving Day to July 1st as a result of a bill introduced by Jérôme Choquette of the Quebec Liberal Party.

Depending on the year, May 1st battles with October 1st as our nation's unofficial, and busiest, "Moving Day." No matter the day you can make the whole moving process "greener" with this single tip.

Miscellaneous factoid: Quebec's "moving day" happens to fall on Canada Day, their July 4th equivalent. Aren't you relieved that the biggest moving day(s) of the year in the United States don't fall on July 4th and ruin all the fun?

Further miscellaneous factoid: May 1st also happens to be this writer's wedding anniversary. (Mayday! Mayday!)
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