Mall World: Young, Broke, and Glamorous collection


Mall World has taken the world by fashion storm, having over 1.6 million monthly players in just the short time it has been released. In this game, every player runs their own clothing store in a mall and gets to decorate and stock it as they please. Part of this game involves checking out the catalog and buying either collections or individual items from the collection. Raising your level allows you to access new item collections for your store. A brand new collection has just been released, and it's called the "Young, Broke, and Glamorous" collection. It consists of a cute strapless blue top, black leggings, wedge shoes, and a classy black purse.

Here are the details about the individual pieces in this collection:

Ruffled Strapless Top (Blue) - $45/ea
Liquid Leggings in Black - $79/ea
Zig Zag Wedge Shoes - $689 each
Black Charlotte Bag - $150/each

Will you be buying this new collection? That strapless top sure would accentuate your figure!