Lunchables stretches for good PR, but will Jamie Oliver still be unimpressed?

Lunchables -- the packaged lunch that Jamie Oliver hates -- is kicking off a program to give 50 classrooms across the country field trips with free admission Saturday for kids at five museums if they arrive early enough to get the limited freebie.

I don't know if Kraft, which makes the small lunches for lazy parents to send their kids off to school with, is starting its "Field Trips for All" program because it honestly wants to team up with one of the Jonas Brothers to help kids go on field trips as an altruistic endeavor, or is trying to counteract the bad press of Oliver's "Food Revolution" TV show or the news two weeks ago that Lunchables made the list of the worst snacks for kids.

But before going into the nutritional hypocrisy of a campaign to get kids out on more field trips while selling them fattening lunches, here are the museums the program is paying $15,000 worth of admission for kids on May 1:

  • Chicago, Ill. -- Museum of Science & Industry

  • Houston, Texas -- Houston Museum of Natural Science Permanent Exhibit Halls

  • Indianapolis, Ind. -- The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

  • Orlando, Fla. -- Orlando Science Center

  • San Diego, Calif. -- Reuben H. Fleet Science Center