Gisele's Earth-Unfriendly Home, Shame on This UN Ambassador

Gisele Bundchen really doesn't care about the environmentOh, Gisele. Do you really think your bewitching genetics give you a free pass?

Model Gisele Bundchen would like you to believe she's doing her part to save the planet. She is, after all, a U.N. goodwill ambassador and offers some environmental tips on her website. Even her personal blog welcomes you with the headline "Here the Fashion Is to Be Responsible". Oh-so-helpfully she blathers on about Earth Day and, for good measure, devotes an entire section to sharing her take on the Meaning of Life.

Thanks, but, lovely Gisele's real estate exposes her as a complete environmental hypocrite!

Have a peek at the home being built for "Greenwashing Gisele" and hubby Tom Brady in Los Angeles' Brentwood district...

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady hate the planet
The mansion includes everything you'd expect, writ large: rec room with 19' ceilings, a wine bar and gallery, six-car garage, elevator, kitchen, butler room, pool house, and lagoon-shaped swimming pool and spa. We'll assume there are bedrooms, too, although -- don't be astonished -- this isn't even their primary home.

"How big a space do two people need?" Philip Dowds, a Massachusetts Sierra Club official and professional architect tells the Boston Herald. "A 20,000 square-foot house -- the resources that it takes to put it together and the land that it needs, this just can't happen anymore."

Well, Phil, it's actually two people plus a kid and a bunch of employees and hangers-on.... But yeah, what gives?

Dowds adds: "The path of trophy homes is doomed to fail," noting that the home could comfortably accommodate 12 or 13 average American families. "And I mean fail on a very large and planetary sense."

Preach it, Phil.

This ridiculous house violates every single environmental tip Gisele provides. For example...

Gisele says:

"Don't Waste Water -- Saving water is not difficult. You waste less and help to preserve the environment by taking such simple actions as not leaving water taps dripping or open, cleaning sidewalks with a broom and not with a hose, avoiding long showers, and washing your car using a bucket."

Gisele's house says:
California water crisis? Whatever. Take a swim in my fake lagoon.

Gisele says:
"Bad Guys of the Waste -- Our big everyday friends, the electric shower, air conditioner and iron consume a lot of energy. Save it while using them: help to preserve our natural resources and reduce your electric bill."

Gisele's house says:
Use the elevator! Burn the natural gas! Crank up the dirty coal electricity -- there's not a single green feature in here!

Gisele probably says:
My fans write for my website -- I just provide photos.

Gisele's house certainly says:
To hell with the planet and everyone else -- it's all about me!

Gisele, please redeem yourself and demonstrate you aren't a complete environmental hypocrite. Solar panels? Geothermal energy? C'mon. Otherwise, you'll need all the luck possible to sell your home when the oil, water or other environmental crises emerge full-tilt.

Just ask your ex, Leonardo DiCapro.

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