Fish World goes down to the farm with new theme


We thought we'd seen it all, but apparently there is always something that can surprise us! Fish World has just released an underwater farm set complete with cows, trees, horses, and sheep. That's right, you can have a whole barnyard for your fish tank! Sounds silly if you ask us, but hey - you can never have too many farm animals! Here is what you can expect to find in the Fish World shop:

Tree - 5 Fishbucks
Fence - 325 coins
Farm Horse - 5 Fishbucks
Apple - 130 coins
Plant - 780 coins
Cow - 4 Fishbucks
Lamb - 4 Fishbucks
Shovel - 845 coins
Piggie - 3 Fishbucks
Chicken - 3 Fishbucks
Dog - 3 Fishbucks
Donkey - 4 Fishbucks
Cat - 3 Fishbucks
Ducky - 650 coins
Pitchfork - 1138 coins
Corn - 260 coins
Pail - 650 coins
Milk - 520 coins
Orange - 130 coins
Lemon - 130 coins
Farm Background - 3 Fishbucks

We can't help but notice that almost all of the animals except the Ducky are only available for Fishbucks, which requires real world cash. This is disappointing, because most of these coin items will seem oddly out of place without the paid items along with them. Either way, there may be some gems available here if you were looking to make a farm inside your aquarium in Fish World.

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