FarmVille travels to the Southwest with brand new theme


Late Tuesday night, FarmVille has released the first few items of what is sure to be an expansive American Southwest theme. This set is a desert-inspired theme, allowing FarmVille players to transform their entire farm into a throwback to the Old West. There are three new buildings in this set, including an Adobe Farmhouse, Adobe Barn, and an Adobe Shed. There are many decorations, and also an entire Desert Plains landscape that will change all of your grass into sand (similar to the Snow Blanket landscape). There is even a Jackrabbit animal for 12 Farm Cash. Let's take a peek at the items:

If you're paying close attention, you pay notice that almost all of these items aside from a wall, ladder, and the landscape are only available for Farm Cash. This seems like one of the "greedier" FarmVille releases as of late. While it does seem great to have all of these storage buildings and desert decorations, they definitely come at a price that not all can afford. We're sure that more is coming though, it's typical of FarmVille to stage these releases so that they come in at a slow trickle rather than all at once. Perhaps this is the majority of the Farm Cash items? Time will tell!

What do you think of the selection and prices so far? What do you hope is released in this theme next?