FarmVille rolls out Facebook 'Like' feature on farms


FarmVille has just taken advantage of Facebook's new "like" feature and put it on every farm. Now, when you are visiting your neighbor's farm, you have the option to click "like" below the neighbor bar. This will then broadcast to your Facebook wall that you liked your friend's farm. This is a brilliant strategy for FarmVille, because it will enable them to grow even faster by inserting FarmVille links into many people's newsfeeds.

Some people have raised a few privacy concerns with this, however. When you "like" someone's farm, it doesn't just show up in your Newsfeed. It also goes into your list of pages, so that anyone can see at any time that you have liked this person's farm. While you may not be concerned about that, some people might not want everyone to know exactly when they like farms and who they are liking. So use this feature with caution if you are worried about privacy concerns.

Overall, we think this is a pretty neat use for the Facebook "like" feature. We could even see something like leaderboards coming out of this, where the farms with the most "likes" end up on a ranking system where anyone can see their farms. The possibilities are endless.

What do you think of the new "like" feature in FarmVille?