FarmVille partners with Pro Flowers for Mother's Day promotion

farmville pro flowers mother's day promotion
farmville pro flowers mother's day promotion

In a sponsored FarmVille link, Pro Flowers is offering 100 farm cash to those farmers who purchase fresh flowers for Mother's Day Gifts.

You must purchase online from by clicking on the FarmVille sponsored link to get the farm cash reward. The sponsored link can be found under the FarmVille loading screen. Orders placed now have guaranteed delivery for Mother's Day.

This offer is good for any purchase made for fresh flowers including roses, tulips, and other arrangements. You will receive the farm cash within two days and will need to "refresh" your game to see the new farm cash balance.

If you are already planning to purchase flowers through Pro Flowers for Mother's Day this is a great way to also receive free farm cash.

Disclaimer: FarmVille Freak is not endorsing this offer, we are merely letting users know that it is available. If you are considering utilizing this offer, please use your own discretion. We suggest reviewing and researching any vendor before you make purchases.

Will you take advantage of this Pro Flowers sponsored FarmVille link?

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