FarmVille doubles your storage capacity!


If there is one thing people have been requesting for a long time in FarmVille, it is more storage for items. In one of the boldest updates yet, FarmVille have just announced that storage is no longer limited to just 100 items. Storage has now been DOUBLED to 200 total items. This is an amazing change for FarmVille players, because decorations and gifts can add up. No one wants to get rid of their unique holiday items or their hard earned gifts and rewards. Being able to store items for later is a great way to encourage re-decoration and continuing to enjoy FarmVille for a long time.

In addition to increasing the maximum amount of storage you have, FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious has revealed some juicy information about how storage can be expanded. The first way is by purchasing additional storage outright with Farm Cash. This is definitely the quickest way for those who are impatient and have Farm Cash to burn. The second way to increase the amount of storage you have is by holding barnraisings. Here are more details directly from Lexilicious:

Hey Farmers!

You can store more than ever with the new Storage Expansion! Please find a quick guide on how this feature works below.

Storage Expansion:

You can now increase the capacity of your Storage Buildings.

Each of your storage buildings can be upgraded twice. The first upgrade will provide you with 5 extra storage and the second upgrade will provide 7 extra storage. The two upgrades will give you 12 extra storage spaces in total.

There are two ways to expand your Storage. The first way to expand storage is to pay Farm Cash. If you wish to purchase the storage upgrade with FarmVille cash (10 FC), you can do so by clicking the "BUY" button.

Alternatively, you can hold a Barn Raising, by clicking the "Expand Storage" button.

After choosing to expand your storage, you will receive a pop-up, like the one below.

clicking the "okay" button will allow you to post a feed to your wall.

After posting your feed, you will have 3 days to have 10 of your friends click on your feed. (Each of your friends can help ONCE per day (24 hours). Up to a total of 3 times (once per day) during the Barn Raising. This means you do not necessarily need 10 unique friends.

When you click on a friends feed asking for Barn Raising, you will receive 100 coins.

If you wish to "give up" on the barn raising, you can click the "GIVE UP" button and the barn raising will cease. Please keep in mind that you can only raise 1 storage item at a time.

If you do not manage to get 10 clicks on your feed in three days, you can purchase the storage upgrade at a discounted price equilavent to the amount of clicks you recieved.

The closer you manage to get to 10 clicks, the cheaper it will be to purchase with Farm Cash.

What do you think about the new increased storage? Will you be taking advantage of the new space to store your items?