FarmVille adds Facebook 'Like' option to farms

farmville freak like options
farmville freak like options

FarmVille has implemented the "Like" Facebook rating system for farms. You can now "Like" someone's farm by visiting your FarmVille neighbors' farms and then simply clicking on the "Like" button that is found underneath the neighbors list.

You will see that it displays a picture of the current neighbor whose farm you are visiting, followed by their name, and then the "Like" (thumb's up) button.

What a fun way to let your neighbors know that you appreciate or "like" their farms! However, if you choose the "Like" option for a friend's farm, be aware that it adds that particular farm (or all the farms that you "Like") to your existing Facebook Pages.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.

What do you think -- do you 'Like' this new FarmVille feature?