Cafe World holds a Cake vs. Pie showdown

cafe world cake vs pie
cafe world cake vs pie

An official cake vs. pie showdown has just gotten underway in Cafe World, and we're here with the play-by-play. The good folks over on Cafe World are asking the players to vote for their favorite pie or cake in various wall posts, and there is even a bracket to keep track of the winners. Right now, the pie bracket has been chosen to go first and they are slowly making their way through the first few match-ups.

The first match-up today was Strawberry Pie vs. Mud Pie, and Strawberry won by a landslide according to Cafe World. The current face-off is Peanut Butter Pie vs. Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pie. You can vote by clicking here to choose which is your favorite!

Which will you be voting for?