The Bill Murray 'Low'-down on personal finance

Bill Murray talks personal finance
Bill Murray talks personal finance

Bill Murray

handles money matters without handlers. He and his agent parted company years ago. He has no manager. In Hollywood, that's as rare as an Upper East Side matron firing the butler and chauffeur so she can dust and drive.

Murray explained this week that when he had an agent, the agent's assistants would call him and refuse to hang up. "Why would I ever want to talk to anyone who would let the phone ring 90 times?" he told WalletPop and other outlets during a Tribeca Film Festival interview for "Get Low."

Murray, 59, also turns his schnoz up at written agreements. "I'm not signing a contract," the "Ghostbusters" and "Lost in Translation" star said. "My word is my word. I'm showing up for work."