Art Meets Foreclosure in Portland, Oregon


Like millions of homeowners around the country, Charles Wittenmeier found himself deeply underwater and facing foreclosure. After months of unemployment, a divorce and mounting debts, he will be vacating his house on May 28th. But before he does, Wittenmeier, a once-thriving advertising director, is turning his misfortune into art.

On May 1, he will transform his empty house in Portland, Oregon's Mount Tabor neighborhood into a communal artists' studio and performance space.

The artists and musicians will come with specific projects in mind and collaborate on others, with the resulting work to be compiled into a book, an album, and a feature-length documentary, all of them titled "28 Days in May."

Wittenmeier and his co-director, Jordan Kinley, are trying to raise $10,000 for the project on the funding website, The social media-savvy pair are also chronicling the "28 Days in May" project on Facebook.

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