Sci-Fi Apartment: 24 Rooms, 330 Square Feet

Can you believe a Hong Kong man fits 24 rooms into a postage-stamp-size apartment?

Sounds impossible, but it's true. Gary Chang calls it his "Domestic Transformer." He created a masterpiece using exceedingly thoughtful planning and design in a 330-square-foot space. (His architect-training, no doubt, coming in very handy).

His apartment happens to be earth-friendly, too. As he says, "Small area, but for us, small area means efficiency and user-friendliness."

Mirrors to Reflect Light
Gary installed mirrors throughout the ceiling of his apartment. This serves to reflect the natural light and visually expand the apartment. He also tinted the windows so that they cast a very warm light. The combination of window tinting and mirrors means he rarely turns on a light.

Tuck Away Less-Used Items
Gary takes this to extremes with a false wall in front of his linen room. The lesson still applies to items that aren't used daily. If they take up room, why display them?

Bed Over Bathtub
You want guests to visit but not stay too long? Take a nod from Gary and install a fold-down bed over your bathtub. The bed's futon-like mattress is probably stored elsewhere so it doesn't get wet. (It works similarly to the "bedesk" solution here.)

Big Kitchens Aren't Required
Gary fits all his kitchen equipment and food into two meters (about two yards). You can edit down to the bare minimum, too, particularly if you prefer to eat out for most meals.

Gary actually grew up in the apartment with his parents, sisters and another tenant. Is your apartment or rental house suddenly seeming a lot bigger?

And for those of you itching to get more secrets from this transformative space, the industrious architect even wrote a book: My 32m2 Apartment, a 30 Year Transformation.

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