2010 Comebacks: 10 trends so good they get another go-around


From time to time, WalletPop compiles a list of the hottest comeback people, products and cultural trends. In 2008, the list included single-sex schools, streetcars and macaroni and cheese. In 2009, the list included classic cocktails, home hair coloring, and Lance Armstrong. In 2010 we see a return to old frugal practices, the rebirth of some business icons, and the reincarnation of one old-time politician. Enjoy.


canning comeback
canning comeback

Preserving fresh food is not only a money-saving trend, it also reflects the increasing interest in eating what's raised locally. Jarden Corp., which owns the canning classic, Ball jars, reported in October 2008 that its sales of canning jars had risen 92% over the previous year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has established a Know Your Farmer -- Know Your Food project that not only offers lots of practical advice for buying local, but also tells how to apply for government grants to pay for running farmers markets and other things that facilitate local purchases. Anyone looking for instruction or recipes should check out It's So Easy to Preserve at the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service. -- Jennie Phipps