My Town: New buildings available for purchase


My Town nearly always comes out with new items on Mondays, which makes them nice and predictable. We also know when to log in and see what's new in My Town! Today there is 5 new buildings available to decorate your town with, and here are the details!

The Dog House is simple red wooden dog house, rather small in size but perfect for the dog in your life. The Mexican Restaurant has a fiesta flair to it and is called Yo Poliritos. The Cathedral is large, with a stained glass roof and a religious cross on the top of the building. The Planetarium is a huge enclosure with a massive globe on the top complete with planets and space shuttles, and is a really impressive looking building compared to what we've seen in My Town so far. And finally, a simple and modern Hair Salon is the perfect way to make sure you are always looking your best.

Will you be buying any of the new buildings in My Town? What do you think?