Meet your sisters in Sorority Life with this new job


If you have spent any time in Sorority Life, you know that doing jobs is really the way to succeed. Whether it's socializing with your sorority sisters, gossiping, going out for coffee, or having a romantic date with your crush, doing jobs is how you level up and unlock new rewards. Sorority Life have just released a new job for all players, and it's called "Meet Your Sorority House". The main point of this job is to connect with other friends who are already playing, and invite new people to the game!

"Meet Your Sorority House" has a requirement of 1 energy and 1 sister, and rewards players with $200 cash and +2 influence. Once you go to the jobs page and click "Do Event", you'll be taken to a screen that shows you a list of all your friends who are playing Sorority Life but are not yet your sisters. You can then connect with them, and invite new people to the game. This job is unlocked right away when you start playing, so it's clear that Playdom are trying to get more players to their game.

Have you met your sorority sisters yet?