Rumor: Mafia Wars Fight Club will be launching soon (for real this time)

mafia wars fight club coming soon -- for real this time

First rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. And that seriously seems to be the case with the not-yet-launched Fight Club feature in Mafia Wars that's we've seen loitering in the Marketplace since early April. That might change soon, though, if these rumors are true.

mafia wars fight club

To put this into context for those who aren't in the know -- since early April, something called 'Fight Club' appeared in the Marketplace, marked as coming soon. Further explanation of this feature simply says, "Earn Victory Tokens from winning Fights to unlock exclusive loot for active fighters!'

Once you earn tokens, you'll be able to spend them on four mega-powerful items (provided you have a certain number of Top Mafia, most likely another new feature that will be arriving sooner than later).

Those items include the following:

mafia wars fight club

Glance 32 SR (33A, 72 D)
Hazard Gear (35A, 71 D)
Silenced Sniper Rifle (70A, 28D)
Fight Buff Pack

How do you think the new Fight Club will work?
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