Mafia Wars Arena, Armor Depot coming soon, plus a Las Vegas launch date

mafia wars coming soon
mafia wars coming soon

A slew of new features are purportedly en route to Mafia Wars, some which we're expecting, like the Fight Club, and others we weren't, like an Armor Depot and a revamped fighting system called the 'Arena.' Mafia Wars Maniac says that the next batch of features will include the following:

1. A new Lotto collection is on its way.

2. Las Vegas will arrive this summer (mid-June 2010).

3. The Safe House will be replaced with customized characters that can be voted on for the Prestige award/achievement

4. New Top Mafia Positions and related achievements for 25, 50 and 200 promotions in the same category. The 200 will give you 10% no energy or 50% energy or 200% money chance per job.

5. Mystery Bags will soon be limited to 30 clicks.

6. Fight club launch is coming soon (for real this time)

7. The new fighting system will be called 'Arena,' and it will work similar to robbing.

8. An Armor Depot will be coming soon.

We've reached out to Zynga to see if these these are legit. Most of these sound pretty plausible, but we'll let you know for sure when we hear back.

What do you think -- is this info legit?