Plenty of Labor Opportunities at the Labor Dept.

government jobsThese days, the term "humble civil servant" can be a bit of a misnomer. The U.S. Dept. of Labor (DOL) currently has more than 100 job openings -- and some of them, like the Information Technology Specialist in Washington, D.C., and the Mine Safety and Health Specialist in Arlington, VA, come with six-figure salaries.

While the majority of the jobs open at the DOL right now pay in the upper 30s, just think of all those benefits that come with a government job! You'll likely get pensions, health benefits, vacation, family, sick and personal leave and more. And if the Department of Labor isn't a fair employer, who would be?

Some of the jobs require that you be bi-lingual Spanish/English, but definitely not all of them. Also, you'll want to work fast, because deadlines are looming for some of them. You can find everything you need to know about what's available at; but in the meantime, here's a small sampling of what's available at the moment, and what you can expect to earn:

1. IT Specialist (Network)

Job description: Maintain the local area networks (LANs) at the agency's three primary sites; Arlington, VA, Beckley, WV, and Lakewood, CO. Provide technical support on hardware, software, telecommunications, network interface, and related computer matters.

Annual salary: $68,809 - $97,333

2. Economic Assistant

Job description: Collect primary data for the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Identify previously priced items, accurately record price data, verify and document unusual price changes, and substitute comparable items using established sampling techniques.

Annual salary: $32,270 - $41,947

3. Wage and Hour Investigator

Job description:Participate in a variety of applications of the provisions of the laws in diverse situations, and use compliance techniques, including education and persuasion, conciliation, investigation, and negotiation. Conduct investigations involving familiar issues and situations to resolve a wide variety of minimum wage, overtime, child labor, coverage, exemption, employment eligibility, and other compliance issues in agriculture, commercial, industrial, and other business establishments, public institutions, and domestic service in households. There are openings for this position all over the United States, but the majority of them right now are in various parts of Texas.

Annual salary: $89,033 - $115,742

4. Auditor

Job description:Oversee the Independent Public Accountants (IPA's) contracts and monitor task orders for completion of deliverables and reports. Insure IPA's compliance with the Financial Audit Manual. Survey the operations of the organization. Evaluate administrative and internal accounting controls to determine the scope of the examination and to develop alternate procedures

Annual salary: $38,790 - $50,431

5. Wage Hour Technician

Job description: Receive oral and written inquiries from employees, employers, attorneys, accountants, labor union officials and representatives of other federal/local government agencies. Receive and evaluate complaints to determine wage and hour jurisdiction and probable violations. Accompany and assist investigators in conducting investigations.

Annual salary: $34,907.00 - $50,431

6. Staff Assistant

Job description:Provide technical support and services in numerous administrative areas: personnel, budget, procurement, property management, records management, time and attendance, supplies and equipment, training and travel. Prepare information to be used in meetings or in written documents. This one's in the Washington, D.C., metro area.

Annual salary: $51,630 - $67,114

7. Telecommunications Specialist

Job description: Develop and recommend criteria for analyzing, designing installing coordinating, and acquiring telephone inter-communications and other matters pertaining to telephonic communications services designed specially to meet the operational needs of the Department of Labor. Responsible for the design of telephone system configurations.

Annual salary: $74,872 - 97,333

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