How to find the best cheap grill

how to find the best cheap grill
how to find the best cheap grill

The weather has warmed up in most states and even if it's still a bit nippy where you are, it's time to grab some meat, pop open something cold to drink and get grilling. Before you invite the neighborhood over you better make sure you have a grill that can handle the heat. Whether you're looking for your first real grill or the $79 special that won't last through the next winter, we found the go-to source for the best cheap grills.

Cheapism is a website dedicated to helping you find high quality items on the cheap. Instead of focusing on the cheapest items, Cheapism finds the "Best Cheap" and "Good Discount" buys that will save you money without wasting it on items that will fall apart before the check clears.

In this case, Cheapism took a long hard look at gas grills to find the best gas grills between $70 and $250. And it also gives you enough information to look like the grill expert at your next BBQ.

A few minutes spent researching grills at Cheapism and you'll know;

  • Durability is the primary differentiator (and what to look for).

  • The importance of Temperature control.

  • Why you need to pay attention to the number of BTUs a grill has.

  • What type of grill grate is best.

  • Gas grill reviews

And, of course you'll also learn what the best cheap grills are, where to buy them the cheapest and what gas grills to avoid. In this case, four grills made the cut including two Char-Grills, a Broil-Mate and a Weber; the cheapest of which can be found for just over $100.

In addition to pointing you toward the best cheap grill, you can also find cheap eyeglasses, cheap air conditioners, and the item I am currently searching for -- the best cheap coffeemaker.

Cheapism has also just added a Twitter deals news ticker that runs the 40 latest deals posted by retailer and websites like DealNews. If you're looking for the best prices on the best affordable items you should check out Cheapism.

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