Homecoming queen, drag queen and budget queen, too


Reann Ballslee (pictured) is just like other 20-something college girls: She loves getting dressed up, doing her make-up and feeling fabulous. The only difference between Reann and other girls?

Well, Reann isn't really a girl.

Reann's real name is Ryan (Ryan preferred his last name not be printed in this column), a 23-year-old recent college grad living in Richmond, Va. After being asked to host a talent show in drag, Ryan showed up to the gig as Reann. Since 2006, he's been performing locally as "Reann Ballslee" at bars and nightclubs, as well as on-campus events at his alma mater George Mason University.

Reann was crowned the 2009 homecoming queen at George Mason, beating out two women and making school history. Still, Ryan makes sure that outfitting himself both as a man and as a woman doesn't dent his wallet.

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