Happy Pets Limited Edition Famous Dogs: Clifford, Brian, Brain, and Scooby-Doo!

Happy Pets Famous Dogs
Happy Pets Famous Dogs

Last night, Happy Pets revealed their Famous Pets: Dog Collection 1, spearheaded by The Big Red Dog, which most people would recognize as Clifford from Norman Bridwell's famous children's book series.

For the dog aficionados out there, Clifford is essentially a breed of giant Vizsla, so this will be the first appearance of that breed in Happy Pets. On top of that, The Big Red Dog will grow to be twice the size of your other dogs! There's still no word if the 'giant' trait can be passed on when you breed 'em, but the game is working on that.

The 3 other dogs in this collection are named: Griffin, Gadget, and Mystery Dog.

Mystery Dog is obviously Scooby-Doo. And Gadget is the dog sleuth "Brain", from Inspector Gadget.

Griffin was somewhat hard to figure out, but the name gave it away -- it's Brian Griffin from Family Guy! (Most people feel that Brian's looks are actually modeled after Snoopy's.)

Just note, these famous dogs are in limited supply, are all male, go for 78 Facebook Credits each, and will only be around until April 30th!