Happy Island: Make your tourists spend more with the Tree of Prosperity!


Facebook games are known for pumping out content at a blinding speed, always giving players something new to spend their time and money on. But sometimes, instead of bringing out something new, they'll resurrect an old item that was available previously. That is the case in Happy Island, where the Tree of Prosperity has made its triumphant return by popular demand!

The Tree of Prosperity is quite beneficial to your island, as it makes all your tourists so happy that they'll spend double for one week. This means that you'll earn a ton of extra coins by having this tree, that is, if you have a lot of tourists. For those of you who don't have many tourists, this may not be a smart buy - unless you want it for its unique golden looks. The Tree of Prosperity has just under 9000 available as of this writing, and can be purchased for a whopping 99 Facebook Credits (or $9.90). Head into Happy Island to buy this tree before it goes away like last time!