Happy Aquarium offers 10 Free Pearls for "Super Users" of new toolbar


Load up Happy Aquarium and you might get a prompt (see above image) to download a new "personal gamebar" in exchange for 10 Free Pearls. You have the option to decline the offer, but I clicked on "Get My Pearls" and after waiting for my game to reload, an icon with the same message is now on the right-hand side of my screen. Also, the free Pearls were now in my account.

Want to get 10 free pearls? Happy Aquarium icon
Want to get 10 free pearls? Happy Aquarium icon

The strange thing though, is that nothing from the game seems to have changed. But hey, free Pearls! Maybe I should use them to buy something before they disappear? Happy Aquarium's a good game, but we all gotta admit, it's still a bit buggy.

Notes: This offer doesn't seem available to new users. Also, Crowdstar has reported that players who use Internet Explorer might see the offer, but not be able to install the toolbar. The tech folks are working out the kinks right now.

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