Get lucky with the new Music Pets daily bonus!


If you haven't tried Music Pets, you definitely should give it a shot. This incredibly cute pet game not only gives you your own adorable pet to care for, but it will also help you discover new music! And it's the best time to stop in, because Music Pets has just launched a brand new daily lottery.

This lottery works like most other games, in that every day you log in you have a random chance to earn a specific amount of coins. For every consecutive day you log in, the maximum amount you can earn will go up. This doesn't necessarily mean you will earn more though, keep in mind it is still a random lottery. However, the chance to earn more is always a good thing. The new Music Pets lotto gives you up to a +10,000 coin bonus for up to 5 days of consecutive logging in. That's a pretty huge reward if you manage to score big on the lottery!

What do you think of daily lotteries? Do they keep you coming back to play, or do you ignore them?