Foreclosed Homeowners Now Have Free Web Help

As recently reported on NBC Miami's website, homeowners in danger of losing their homes because of an increasing mortgage now have a place to turn, and it's as easy as logging on and registering on the site. It's called and was created by the website's CEO and founder, Jonathan Ende.

It's a one-stop-shop site where the process is neatly organized in a way that makes it comprehensible and doable. It provides assistance through the maze of forms and paperwork necessary to get homeowners back on track and, essentially, save their homes. allows homeowners to figure out if they're eligible for a loan modification by following five simple steps to collecting the information that they need to apply. Five video clips Illustrate each step. Glowing customer testimonials suggest that the site is providing the tools that they need to lower their mortgage payments and keep a roof over their heads

The service is free, up to a point: Users are only charged if they're eligible for the modification, which unfortunately is not always the case. This is made clear on the site, along with a disclaimer saying that while the product itself is guaranteed, there is no 100 percent guarantee that a modification will happen: That's ultimately at the lender's discretion.

There is also an extensive resource center within the site that provides surfers with information on Freddie Mac programs; pertinent laws; scams to avoid; five links dedicated specifically to President Obama's "Making Home Affordable" Plan; and links to other helpful options/programs.

Overall, it's another place that clueless and confused homeowners can turn in order to cope with home ownership and the ever-evolving laws that affect them. And who couldn't use that kind of help?

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