Expand your Social City with two new homes


You may not get a tax credit for these houses, but they will sure improve the value and uniqueness of your Social City! Playdom has just rolled out two new limited time buildings to make your city more beautiful and stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, you'll have to dish out some City Bucks if you want these buildings.

The Tudor Estate costs 70 City Bucks and has 5,836 left as of this writing. It is a large, old style mansion with a lot of charm and elegance. The second building is the Underhill Home 1, which might look awfully similar to a Hobbit Hole from Lord of the Rings! The Underhill Home is smaller, and costs 20 City Bucks. There are 11,128 of these available right now - but since they are less expensive and probably part of a set, they will go quickly.

As always, these are a limited quantity, so if you want a mortgage on a piece of this prime real estate - you better get your offer in!