Ad Rant: After obnoxious Staples ad, give me higher prices and lower volume


If you want to meet your favorite rock stars, you'll find them in line at the hearing-aid clinic. Musicians are known to blow out their eardrums from performing in front of speakers set at crushing decibels, but you don't have to go through all that to have a legitimate reason for seeing a hearing doctor. All you have to do is listen a couple of times to that obnoxious Staples commercial about "LOW PRICES," and soon you'll be sitting in the waiting room between Dave Grohl and Jeff Beck.

In one of the Staples ads, a dorky guy in a deserted aisle of the office supply and electronics store leans toward an item to read its price sticker, and practically has an orgasm. "WOW," he screams, his body lurching every which way from the shock of his good fortune. "THAT'S A LOW PRICE!"