Travelzoo goes deep in savings for baseball tickets

Travelzoo goes deep with discount baseball ticketsThank women for Travelzoo's latest offerings of dirt-cheap Major League Baseball tickets. That's right. You might be buying Dodgers tickets for more than two-thirds off face value because of the fairer sex.

Three years ago, MLB reached out to Travelzoo, known more as a publisher of trip deals, partly because its readership consisted of 67% women, Jason Sheets, the general manager of entertainment for Travelzoo, told WalletPop on Monday. Given that women occupy more than half the potential market of fans, baseball told Travelzoo to take a cut at attracting more to the ballpark. And while Travelzoo was at it, could it bring in more men, too? So Travelzoo marketing mavens investigated price points and team weaknesses, and came up with a game plan.

"You can see on midweek games that baseball teams need help," Sheets said. "It's a matter of getting new people into seats that haven't been used."

Which brings us to Travelzoo's recent specials, rounded up for WalletPop in one convenient link by Sheets Monday evening. You might have to act quickly on some, but others might be around a while, he said. The Dodgers and Travelzoo announced Monday that Los Angeles was slashing prices by an average of 55% for eight games in May and June. Most are weekday, but many involve contenders and division rivals. For example, a $70 Preferred Seat Box is going for $30. The transaction can be completed through April 29.

Elsewhere in the National League, the Giants, Cardinals and Padres were flexing stripped-down prices, between 40% and 60% off. One of the more intriguing deals involves the Atlanta Braves, who are selling individual seats within luxury boxes. Usually the domain of high-rollers at a cost between $1,600 and $3,000 for one game, Sheets said, a seat in one of these cushy babies with all the corporate amenities and $30 of free food can now be had for $99 in chosen match-ups.

Sheets said the Oakland A's, Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Seattle Mariners, Baltimore Orioles are on deck with their own bargains.

You'll be doing the actual purchasing through the teams and their ticket-selling engines, so expect to pay those annoying fees. But they're certainly easier to digest when you saved a dozen hot dogs off the regular price, right?

Just remember to thank the women in your life for being the wonderful demographic that they are.
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