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Earth Day brought out the green in us last week, with posts on homemade cardboard furniture, some eco-friendly cleaning tips, and a roundup of energy monitors. Here's what else was hot last week on RentedSpaces:

Rental Roommate Nightmares: Mystery Job, $8 Naps and a Nude Girlfriend
RentedSpaces' own Harmon Leon is back with more stories of the scary cast of Internet characters who want you to be their roommate. This time, it's NYC weirdos offering everything from an $8 sofa nap to a pothead with a nude girlfriend. Read more.

Cardboard Transforms Into Durable Children's Furniture
If you have a few basic supplies and a DIY attitude, you're just an afternoon away from owning some adorable children's furniture. And no woodworking skills required -- these (shockingly sturdy) chairs and tables are crafted out of cardboard. Read more.
Renters, Improve Your Credit Score
Maybe the most important how-to you'll read all day: Learn some surprisingly simple ways to get your credit score up. You'll ace your landlord's credit check, and improve your odds of someday securing a loan toward a home of your own. Read more.

Celebrities' Spring Cleaning Tips: Martha, Dr. Oz and More
You look to them for tips on everything from fashion to food, so why not turn to your favorite celebrities for house-cleaning tips? Kirstie, Martha, and even Dr. Oz weigh in with ideas from the wacky (vodka as a window cleaner) to the inspired (regular light -switch cleaning). Read more.

Stylish Energy Monitors Save Money (and Look Good!)
It ain't always easy being green, but this roundup of stylish energy monitors will help ease the burden of monitoring your electricity consumption. Offset the cost of some of the more expensive gadgets with your electric bill savings! Read more.

It's a Renter's World on the Internet
With more rental housing websites popping every week, who's a renter to turn to for info, tips, and listings? RentedSpaces rounds up the best of the rest and give you a breakdown on their features and services. Read more.
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