Review of the week in personal finance

Each week, WalletPop will do a look back on the week's top personal finance stories as it joins with CostRefuge. Here are some from last week from mainstream publications and the blogosphere.

Nobody likes feeling like they paid full price for a good or service, especially after finding out they could've saved considerable money on the purchase. PT Money goes over seven ways to ensure that you always get the best deal on whatever you're looking to buy.

"The Credit Game" might not be available in your local toy store's board games section but's MintLife blog takes a look at the similarities between your credit score and some of the more popular board games and provides you with five ways to "play up" your credit score.

Handling financial matters can become a lot more complex when you're self-employed, particularly when it comes to getting a mortgage. Money Crashers takes a look at some of the factors to consider in making yourself a more attractive candidate for lenders.

A recent study from the Converge Consulting Group estimated that nearly 800,000 Americans dumped their cable television service entirely in 2009. Are you looking to be part of this trend in 2010? Yolander Prinzel from the Sun's Financial Diary shows you what it will take and how you can develop a mindset that frees you from the monthly cable bill.

Finally, Brip Blap takes an anecdotal look at the balance between saving and spending and how developing the habit of saving money regularly is, in many ways, more important than the amount itself.

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