New York's Faux Doorman Strike Provokes Wealth-Bashing


New York City building workers demanded a raise and building owners yielded, thus drawing the curtains on the most publicized battle of last week -- and in this case the little guy got paid. But just as interesting was the bickering and name-calling between those covering the news story.

It's fun to make fun of people with money, says Gawker. No it's not, says Vanity Fair.

Some media outlets had a blast snickering at folks on the days preceding the possible building-worker strike, which would result if negotiators didn't resolve their differences by deadline. The 2006 union contract for the city's 30,000 doormen, porters, janitors and building supers expired April 20th, leaving negotiators with just a few days to agree on details like a fair pay raise over the next few years, and whether or not workers should shoulder part of the cost of their health benefits.