New York Rental Apartment: Renovated Chelsea 1BR for $3,000

Most people consider washers, dryers or dishwashers to be luxuries when found in a New York apartment, but I have three words that put those items to shame: noise-abatement windows. Sweet silence -- or at least the dulling of cabs honking, people screaming and the general hum of the city. That advantage makes this large one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment go from something nice to something really special. Plus, look at that kitchen.
Chelsea has plenty to do and from there you can easily navigate the city via subway (weather permitting). The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Chelsea is $2,675, and with this apartment slightly above that you might think you can find cheaper -- and you can -- but this one has special pluses that just might make the extra cash worth it.

In addition to the noise-abatement windows, this apartment has high ceilings and plenty of space at 900 square feet. It's also been renovated in the past year and has a new kitchen with stainless-steel appliances and granite countertops. In addition to that, it has a new bathroom that includes a marble bath and tile floors. The spacious living room and bedroom get plenty of light and there are hardwood floors throughout. The building itself has plenty of pluses, with only two units per floor, an elevator and a rooftop deck. It also has laundry facilities. However there is no mention of pets so you would have to check on that. Also not mentioned: a fee. Be sure to check that there's no hidden broker's fee.

Chelsea is in a great spot in New York City, straddling uptown and downtown on the West Side and with great restaurants, nightspots and shops like Barney's Co-Op. And with this apartment you might even want to eschew all that for evenings spent cooking in that great kitchen and dining on the building's roof deck.

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