Happy Aquarium zens out with new Japanese-themed decor


It seems like many different Facebook games are jumping on the Japanese zen theme right now, and now Happy Aquarium is on the bandwagon! A new set of Japanese zen-inspired props are now available for a limited time in the Happy Aquarium store. We think these are really high quality pieces of art with that unique Happy Aquarium style that gives them a character of their own. Check out the list of brand new items available in the store!

Zen Garden Wallpaper
- 30 Facebook Credits or 36 Pearls
Mountain Pagoda - 450 coins
Zen Stones - 250 coins
Japanese Maple - 15 Facebook Credits or 18 Pearls
Cherry Blossom Tree - 15 Facebook Credits or 18 Pearls
Lotus Flower - 100 coins

There isn't much, and it is hard to tell what is new because they're not labeled as such nor are they organized well. Did we miss a few? Let us know in the comments!

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