Happy Aquarium: Limited Edition Pearl Idol is back and going fast!

Happy Aquarium Limited Edition Pearl Idol
Happy Aquarium's offer of the Limited Edition Pearl Idol had ended in March, but due to its popularity, the game is offering it again, but it's no cheaper than before. The original price was 138 Facebook Credits, but this time, it's 198 FB Credits, which is nearly $20 USD!

Buying the statue, however, will allow you to earn 1 Pearl every 24 hours. It's also possible to buy the statue with Pearls -- 237 Pearls to be exact, which means you've got eight months (going with 30 days per month) before the Pearl Idol lets you break even.

But the price doesn't seen to be a deterrent for most players. So far, over 500 statues were purchased within the past hour from the game!
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