Get More Sleep, Make Your Bedroom an Oasis

How to Get a More Relaxing Room With a mattress as the bedroom's main draw, many of us don't need anything except a couple of pillows and a warm blanket to clock nine hours of sleep. And then there's the rest of us -- the insomniacs, workaholics, and stress cases -- who all need a respite from their everyday, chaotic environment.

The key in creating an oasis-like bedroom is making it feel distinctly different than the place(s) where you spend the rest of your day. But this doesn't require a major transformation or a lot of money. From lighting to organization to scents, here are some easy tips for a quick fix to overhaul your bedroom into a soothing, no-fuss sleep-inducing haven.
  • Clean your room. It seems rudimentary, but cleaning, from mopping to dusting, as well as organizing your belongings gets rid of the clutter. But an orderly room is less stressful and simplifies the tasks you have juggling around in your head.
  • Rethink your lighting options. There's more to a bedroom's lighting than shutting out all the light. To make it more relaxing, you want to maximize natural light by opening windows if weather permits. Otherwise, try soft lighting and installing a dimmer to be able to control the dosage of artificial light.
  • Remove distractions that keep you from relaxing. Ban items such as televisions, computers and video-game consoles that might consume you at those times when you want to relax or are on the path to slumber. Run a fan or white-noise machine to deal with distracting and annoying sounds.
  • Shut out the light for an ideal sleeping space. While controlled lighting makes for a relaxing ambiance, you also will want a way to completely close out the light, whether you're trying to sleep during the day or want to block out morning rays or illuminated street signs. Do this with light-blocking window treatments or blackout curtains.
  • Pick from a palette of soft colors. According to the color theory, colors impact your mood, so steer away from loud, harsh colors and opt for more muted hues. Cool colors--blues, greens and violets--are more calming.
  • Invest in bedding. Unfortunately, there are not many shortcuts on creating a luxurious bed. (You may want to look into having your linens specially made). But good quality mattress pads, feather pillows, down comforters, high-thread counts and soft fabrics are all worth the money.
  • Make your room's air fresh. In the warmer months, that can simply be done by opening your windows. During winter, operate an air purifier or humidifier in your bedroom to eliminate allergens and the dry air that can disrupt your sleep patterns.
  • Add a subtle scent. Use scented candles (but be careful!) or diffusers to incorporate a pleasant, fresh fragrance into your room. Chose an aroma that you look forward to smelling each time you jump into bed and as time goes by, you'll begin to associate this scent with your own relaxation.
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