FarmVille: Co-Op Farmers, Beware of this Glitch


From: FarmVille Freak Paul
To: Farmville Freak

"I have discovered a huge, horrendous bug in Farmville's co-operative farming. It will destroy days of effort and seriously piss off your friends. Here's what happens.

"Let's say you and a friend take on a job to plant 1000 Whateverberries. You plant 500 and the meter shows "50% planted", then your neighbour plants 500 and the meter shows "100% planted".

"Fine, but lets say you decide to replant some of the Whateverberries elsewhere. Here's the flaw – when you delete crops you've planted for a job, the meter does not go down!!!

"You delete 50 Whateverberries, the meter should say 95% planted, but it still says 100%. You don't notice it and replant anyway and all seems fine.

"Sadly the game hasn't registered the re-plants and only notices the missing crops when it comes to harvesting.

"When all the crops have been harvested, it says 100% planted, 95% harvested, but you can NEVER harvest the last 5% because you deleted them and the game doesn't realise you replaced them.

"You don't know this and – because you've done all your harvesting, you think your friend or others involved haven't quite finished their harvesting.

"It stays on 95% and time ebbs away. You lose the gold award. You lose the silver. It stays on 95% right up to the last second of the bronze award while you frantically email your friend saying "for heavens sake do you bleeding harvesting!!". But like you, they finished harvesting a long time ago and it's Farmville who screwed up.

"This has happened to me twice so far. Please let everyone else know NEVER DELETE CROPS – because it puts a strain on friendship and you pull your hair out."

This article was reprinted with permission from FarmVille Freak.