Island Paradise Archeology Week kicks off with dino fossils


It's Archeology Week in Island Paradise, which has meant all sorts of ancient artifacts and treasures! The next set of archeological discoveries to uncover on your island is...dinosaurs! While they may not be alive, these creatures from the Jurassic era have left behind their remains - and you can buy them in the Island Paradise shop! Here is the list of new dinosaur bones!

Dinosaur Skeletal Spine - 4000 coins
Rib Cage - 5000 coins
Sabertooth Skull - 8000 coins
Dinosaur Skeletal Claw - 7000 coins
Triceratops Skull - 25,000 coins

It's a small update, and we suspect that these items may be a tad bit overpriced considered they are not animated or interactive. You better watch out for the Islandsaurus Rex!

Will you be buying any of the dinosaur items in Island Paradise? Let us know what you think!

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