BarnVille Massacre parody game: It's like FarmVille .... with guns

barnville massacre
barnville massacre

Ever wondered what would happen if FarmVille introduced guns into the game? Well, since that's likely to happen half-past never, parody game BarnVille Massacre lets you live out your fantasies of tending to your farm with bullets instead of a backhoe.

In this simple shooter, you play a farmer whose mission it to keep livestock off the farm using any means necessary -- in this case, an assortment of weapons, including everything from a simple handgun to an AK-47. There are other upgrades as well, other projectiles and a harvester that can be used to kill every animal in the playing field.

Playing pretty much involves using the mouse to aim and shoot, and despite the lack of polish, BarnVille Massacre is strangely addictive; we recommend squeezing off a few rounds while waiting for your FarmVille crops to grow. Go ahead -- put those farming shooting skills to the test below.

[Via Addicting Games]