10 Classic Cubicle Capers

office humorThe office hijinx in movies like Look and Office Space pale in comparison to the crazy office cubicle capers we've found on YouTube. From stuffing a workspace full with packing peanuts to creating an entire office environment out of cardboard, these videos are sure to give you some creative ideas to welcome back that co-worker who got to vacation in Hawaii while you had to cover her phone and take care of her clients.

1. Magazine Mosh Pit

Co-workers capture the entire process on camera, from creating a cubicle moshpit by ripping out magazine pages one-by-one, to showing the punked co-worker diving into the magazine mayhem.

2. This Stunt is Nuts!

A worker is none too pleased to find packing peanuts stuffed into her cubicle.

3. Foiled Again!

Co-workers carefully cover every part of the cubicle in aluminum foil.

4. In the Spirit of Giving -- All Wrapped Up

The office practical jokers get into the spirit of giving, by gift-wrapping everything in holiday paper - even the chair.

5. Cardboard Cure for Boredom

Call it creative: employees cut out a cardboard office: complete with a computer and pressed-paper fridge.

6. Shrink-Wrapped and Ready

It's one thing to cover a phone with cellophane - it's quite another to create a roof that makes the occupant have to stoop over to get to his desk.

7. Note to Self: Hide the Post-Its Next Time

The guy punked with post-it notes makes this video with his reaction to his covered cubicle.

8. Cup O' Crazy

Carefully aligned cups cover the cubicle - the poor punked worker will need a double espresso to clear out his office space.

9. Pop! Goes the Vacation Buzz

A worker is speechless when she sees her cubicle packed with balloons.

10. Headline -- Cubicle Gets Covered

At least this co-worker can catch up on all the news he missed on vacation.

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