SillyBandz all the rage in the grade school set

SillyBandz the new hot craze
SillyBandz the new hot craze

Move over Webkinz, Pokemon cards and Kooky Klicker pens ... there's a new playground darling scooping up the allowance money. SillyBandz, simple, jelly-like silicone bracelets in a rainbow of colors die-molded into cookie-cutter shapes of everything from zoo animals and princess silhouettes to rock band motifs. When worn in multiples, the bands look like a colorful mass of squiggly loops. Take them off, and they revert to their original shape.

In many parts of the U.S., the bands have cultivated the kind of fervor previously achieved by Tickle Me Elmo and the Nintendo Wii. Stores can't keep them in stock. Parents are reportedly signing up for waiting lists. There's fighting in the aisles. Store clerks are rumored to receive payoffs for allowing prioritized customers first dibs. As of this writing, SillyBandz's Rock Bands Shapes (a 24-pack goes for $6.95) are listed as the number one top-selling toy on, and have been on the website's top 100 list for 67 days.

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